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MVI56E-MCMR ProSoft коммуникационный модуль Modbus для ControlLogix Platform

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MVI56E-MCMR ProSoft коммуникационный модуль Modbus для ControlLogix Platform
MVI56E-MCMR ProSoft коммуникационный модуль Modbus для ControlLogix PlatformВ наличии
2 722 


Коммуникационный модуль Modbus для контроллеров ControlLogix:

  • Интерфейс Modbus (ведущий/ведомый)
  • 2 разъёма для последовательного подключения (под коннектор RJ-45)
  • До 115 КБит/с
  • Есть 10/100 MB Ethernet port (для настройки)


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ControlLogix Platform
Modbus Communication Module with Reduced Data Block

 Backward-compatible with previous MVI56-MCMR version
 Single Slot - 1756 ControlLogix® backplane compatible
 10/100 MB Ethernet port for configuration with Auto Cable Crossover Detection
 User-definable module data memory mapping of up to 5000 16-bit registers
 CIPconnect®-enabled network configuration and diagnostics monitoring using ControlLogix 1756-ENxT modules and EtherNet/IP® pass-thru communications
 Sample Ladder Logic or Add-On Instruction (AOI) used for data transfers between module and processor
 4-character scrolling LED display of status and diagnostic data in plain English
 ProSoft Discovery Service (PDS) software finds the module on the network and assigns a temporary IP address to facilitate module access and configuration
 Personality Module (non-volatile CF card) to store all configuration settings, allowing quick in-the-field product replacement by transferring the CF card


Технические данные:


Communication Parameters

Baud Rate: 110 baud to 115.2 kbps Stop Bits: 1 or 2 Data Size: 7 or 8 bits Parity: None, Even, Odd RTS Timing delays: 0 to 65535 milliseconds

Modbus Modes

RTU mode (binary) with CRC-16 ASCII mode with LRC error checking

Floating Point Data

Floating point data movement supported, including configurable support for Enron and Daniel implementations

Modbus Function Codes

1: Read Coils Status 2: Read Input Status 3: Read Holding Registers 4: Read Input Registers 5: Force (Write) Single Coil 6: Preset (Write) Single Register 8: Diagnostics 15: Force (Write) Multiple Coils 16: Preset (Write) Multiple Data Registers 17: Report Slave ID 22: Mask Write 4x Register 23: Read/Write 4x Registers

Functional Specifications

 Adjustable Modbus floating point data support in Enron, Daniels® and other formats

 Powerful Modbus network analyzer diagnostics using ProSoft Configuration Builder

 Optional Message functions, like User-configured Command and Event Command messages, give users the option to place normally automatic Modbus polling under logic control for special situations

 Error codes, network error counters, and port status data may be stored in user data memory or requested by using unscheduled MSG (message) instructions

 40 Word Data Block (Scheduled)


Modbus Master Specifications Command List

Up to 100 commands per Master port, each fully configurable for function code, slave address, register to/from addressing and word/bit count.

Optimized Polling

Configuration options allow Master ports and commands to be optimized to poll slaves with communication problems less frequently.

Command Status/Error Monitoring

Command Status or Error codes are generated for each command as it executes, allowing careful monitoring of communication health between the Master and its Slaves.

Slave Polling Control

Master Port maintains a Slave Status list of all network Slaves. Polling of each Slave may be disabled and enabled using this list.

Modbus Slave SpecificationsFull Memory Access

A port configured as a Modbus Slave permits a remote Master to read from or write to any of the 5000 registers that make up the user memory database.

Multi-source Slave Data

Data presented at the Slave port can be derived from other Modbus Slave devices on a different network through the module’s Master port or from the processor tag database.

Node Address

1 to 247 (software selectable)

Status Data

Slave port error codes, counters and statuses are available separately for each port when configured as a Slave.


Electrical Ratings

􀂃 Backplane Current Load: 800 mA @ 5 Vdc; 3 mA @ 24 Vdc

􀂃 Operating Temperature: 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)

􀂃 Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)

􀂃 Shock: 30 g operational; 50 g non-operational; Vibration: 5 g from 10 to 150 Hz

􀂃 Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (without condensation)

􀂃 All phase conductor sizes must be at least 1.3 mm (squared) and all earth ground conductors must be at least 4mm (squared).


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