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22F-D6P0N103 Allen-Bradley Частотно-регулируемый привод переменного тока

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  • Код: 22FD6P0N103


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+7 (495) 772-23-55
22F-D6P0N103 Allen-Bradley Частотно-регулируемый привод переменного тока
22F-D6P0N103 Allen-Bradley Частотно-регулируемый привод переменного токаОжидается
+7 (495) 772-23-55


22F-D6P0N103 Allen-Bradley

  • Вход: ~ 380 – 480В (±10%), 3-фазное;
  • Выход: ~ 0 – 460В, 3-фазное
  • Входной номинал: 6,2A, 340-528V
  • Выход. номинал 6A, 3 лошадиные силы (2.2 КВт)
  • Предохранители 10
  • Пускатели 140M(2) 140M-C2E-C10
  • Контакторы 100-C09


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Drive, PowerFlex 40M, 480VAC, 3PH, 6A, 2.2KW, 3.0HP, IP20

Drive, Variable Frequency, PowerFlex 40M, 480 Volt AC, 3 Phase, 6 Amp, 2.2 Kilowatt, 3.0 Horse Power, IP20


Технические данные: 


PowerFlex® 4M AC drive is the smallest and most cost-effective
member of the PowerFlex® family of drives. Ideal for machine level speed control,
the PowerFlex 4M drive provides the application versatility to meet the demands of
global OEMs and end users who require space savings and easy-to-use AC drives that
provide application flexibility, feed-through wiring and ease-of-programming.


Start Up, Programming and Operation
• An integral keypad provides out of the box operation using the local
potentiometer and control keys.
• The 12 most common application parameters are contained in the Basic
Program Group, making programming fast and easy.
• The programming keys have the same function as all other PowerFlex
drives, so if you can program one PowerFlex drive, you can program them
• 4 digit display with 10 additional LED indicators provides an intuitive
display of drive status and information.
• Integral RS-485 communications can be used for programming from a
PC. It can also be used in a multi-drop network configuration. A serial
converter module provides connectivity to any controller with a DF1 port.
• A NEMA/UL Type 4X remote and NEMA/UL Type 1 hand-held LCD
keypad provide additional programming and control flexibility, both
featuring the popular CopyCat function.
Packaging and Mounting
• Installation can be a virtual snap using the DIN rail mounting feature on A
and B frame drives. Panel mounting is also available, providing added
• Zero Stacking™ is allowable for ambient temperatures up to 40°C, saving
valuable panel space. 50°C ambient temperatures are permitted with
minimal spacing between drives.
• Integral filtering is available on all 240V single phase and 480V three
phase ratings, providing a cost-effective means of meeting EN61800-3.
External filters for all PowerFlex 4M drive ratings are also available.


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