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HMISTO501 Schneider Electric панель оператора Magelis 3,4 дюйма

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  • Код: HMISTO501

13 280 руб.

HMISTO501 Schneider Electric панель оператора Magelis 3,4 дюйма
HMISTO501 Schneider Electric панель оператора Magelis 3,4 дюймаПод заказ, 7 дней
13 280 руб.


Сенсорная панель оператора Schneider Electric:

  • Диагональ 3,4 дюйма
  • ОС Magelis
  • Монохромная, 3 режима подсветки



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Технические данные:

Range of product Magelis STO & STU
Product or component type Touch panel 
Software designation Vijeo Designer
Operating system  Magelis
Processor name CPU RISC



Display size 3.4 inch
Display type Backlit monochrome STN LCD
Background colour White, pink and red
Display resolution 200 x 80 pixels
Touch panel Analogue
Backlight lifespan 10000 hours with red
  50000 hours with pink 50000 hours with white
Brightness 8 levels
Contrast 16 levels via touch panel
Character font Chinese (simplified Chinese)
  Japanese (ANK, Kanji) Taiwanese (traditional Chinese)
[Us] rated supply voltage 24 V DC +/- 20 %
Inrush current 30 A
Local signalling 1 LED with green for normal operation
Power consumption in W 5 W
Number of pages Limited by internal memory capacity
Processor frequency 333 MHz
Memory description Application memory, 16 MB Back up of data, 128 kB
Integrated connection type 1 USB 2.0 type mini B 1 USB 2.0 type A
  Removable screw terminal block connector power supply
  9-pin terminal block connector serial link with RS232C interface
Supply External source
Realtime clock Access to the PLC real-time clock
Downloadable protocols Zelio
Range compatibility Zelio Logic
Fixing mode By 2 spring clips on 1.6...5 mm thick panel
Enclosure material PPT
Marking CE


Производитель  Schneider Electric
Страна производительФранция
Гарантийный срок  18 мес
Пользовательские характеристики
ПроизводительSchneider Electriс

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